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Can I create a custom error pages like 404 and 403 error pages?
Can I setup a link from my site to Paypal to accept online payments?
Can I use a web cam on my VIP PowerNet website?
Can I use password protected directories or files with VIP PowerNet service?
Do you offer e-commerce support?
Do you provide statistical information or log files?
Do your packages support Macromedia Flash, Shockwave and JavaScript?
Does VIP PowerNet have a hit counter I can use on my website?
Does VIP PowerNet offer web design services?
Does VIP PowerNet support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) enabled hosting?
Does your service support Real Audio or Real Video streaming?
How can I get the FrontPage extensions added to my account?
How can I submit my site to search engines?
How do I program in HTML?
How should I name my web pages: .htm or .php?
I can't see the pictures on my website. There is a broken triangle displayed.
Is 500MB enough space for my website?
Is 50GB of Traffic Allowance per month enough for my site?
What are VIP PowerNet Web Tools?
What are the FrontPage Server Extensions?
What is account traffic? Is it possible to buy more traffic allowance for my account?
What is the difference between index.htm and index.php?
What software tools can I use to design my website?
Which is better? FTP or FrontPage?
Will VIP PowerNet submit my website to search engines?
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