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Can foreign domain names (country level TLDs) be hosted by VIP PowerNet?
Can I sign up for multiple VIP PowerNet accounts?
Can I use VIP PowerNet services without a domain name?
How can I transfer my domain to VIP PowerNet with minimal website and email disruption?
How do I know if a domain name is available?
How does the transfer registrar process work? What do I need to do?
How long can a domain name be and what are the character restrictions?
How long does the domain registration process take?
How will I be able to tell if my desired domain name is available?
I want to reserve a domain name. Can I just park it if I don't have a web site yet?
If we just want to transfer our existing domain name, can we still take advantage of your hosting services?
Is my information with VIP PowerNet secure?
Once a domain is registered, who "owns" the domain name?
What are some of the domain name extensions available for registration through VIP PowerNet?
What are the new domain extensions and when can we start registering them?
What happens to the contact information collected in the registration procedure?
What if the name I want to use is already taken?
What is a domain name?
What is a registry?
What is an IP address?
What is an URL?
What is DNS?
Why should I register a domain name?
Why doesn't VIP PowerNet appear as an ICANN accredited registrar?

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