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With over 200 million businesses with
websites online, where will your site fit in?



SEO can help your company dramatically increase your online presence. More consumers and businesses are using the internet to make purchases and conduct business. Search engine placement is a key component for your success

A Favorable Search Engine Placement with major search engines can help you:

  • Reach and acquire more qualified customers
  • Strategically improve your profitability
  • Increase your company's brand promotion
  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Increase your firms conversion rate
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Become more profitable!

Effectively leading customers to your website should be a driving force in your marketing campaign. Businesses selling both products and services are starting to realize this, and are increasingly taking advantage of search engine marketing.

These days, the big search engines use advanced algorithms to determine your website's ranking. It is not uncommon for competitive keywords to have millions of websites competing for the same words. If you are not positioned on the first few pages for your important keywords, you will be virtually invisible to your customers .

Our Service Includes:

  • Free Website Analysis Report - Find out what keywords your website is really optimized for and what search engines really are looking for in your website.
  • Unique Keyword Selection With Each Web Page - Each website page will be evaluated and a select amount of keywords will be selected based on the content of the page.
  • Search Engine Optimized Web Design Breakdown - Find problematic web design methods that can severely affect web page ranking.
  • Web Crawler Convenience Compliance - Make sure that your web site complies with search engine friendly guidelines.
    Search Engine Ready HTML Coding - The HTML of your web pages must be properly coded to ensure the highest potential search engine positioning.
  • Development Services - To increase the success rate of your search engine marketing campaign content, development services are available.
  • Daily Hand Monitoring of Search Engine Ranking - Your search engine positions will be monitored on a daily basis.
    Weekly or Monthly Search Engine Ranking Report - Your search engine positions will be monitored and reported to you on a weekly or monthly basis based on your preference.
  • Consultations - Consult with a trained, certified search engine marketing specialist by e-mail or by telephone.
Includes changes in content to your website ONCE A MONTH
Includes changes in content to your website TWICE A MONTH
Includes changes in content to your website ONCE A WEEK   
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