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Can I have a shopping cart on my website?
Can I install my own CGI scripts and programs?
Does your packages support Java or Java Server Pages?
Does VIP PowerNet provide pre-made scripts for member use?
Does VIP PowerNet support ASP scripts?
Does VIP PowerNet support CGI scripts?
Does VIP PowerNet support PHP scripts
How do I enable SSI for a particular webpage?
How do I install osCommerce?
What are CGI scripts?
What is a CGI bin and what is it used for?
What is ASP.NET?
What is ASP?
What is dynamic content?
What is PHP?
What is SSI?
What is the absolute path to the server?
What is the path to perl, Sendmail?
What languages can I use to write my CGI scripts and programs?
What scripting languages does ASP support?
Where should I upload my PHP files?

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