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Are there any limitations on directory (folders) names?
Can I access my account using Telnet or SSH?
Does VIP PowerNet have a maximum file size for transfers to the FTP server?
Does VIP PowerNet support anonymous FTP access for client web hosting?
How do I publish my site using FrontPage Extensions?
How do I transfer my files to VIP PowerNet web servers?
How soon after uploading my files will my website be able to be viewed online?
I am receiving FTP errors, what do they mean?
I cannot FTP to my site, I get a '530 Not logged in' error.
I have uploaded my files, but I still get an "Under Construction" page?
Is there any restriction on when can I update my website?
What happens if my site ends up requiring more than allotted disk space?
What is SSH?
What is Telnet?
When I login to our website through FrontPage I get the following error: Server error: Cannot close file service.cnf

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