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Can I change my domain name after it has been registered?
Can I change my domain name for use with my VIP PowerNet Web Hosting plan?
Can I register a .com for 5 years today and renew it for the following 5 years next week? Or does the renewal have to be within a specific period prior to expiry?
Can I request customization of my DNS zone files?
Do I have control over my domain name?
Do you support sub-domains?
Does 'Domain Hosting Transfer' mean transfer of domain ownership?
Does VIP PowerNet offer domain forwarding?
How can I setup a sub-domain?
How do I access my account information?
How do I access my domain management functionality?
How do I change my account password?
How do I change my registration information such as name and address?
How do I change our DNS settings?
How do I renew my domain name?
How do I transfer my VIP PowerNet hosted website to a different host?
How long will it take for my account to be activated?
I did not register my domain name with VIP PowerNet but I would like to renew it with VIP PowerNet. What are my options? When should I initiate the transfer process?
I have sold my domain name, how do I change my domain ownership?
My domain name registration does not expire for several months. If I wish to renew my domain name now, will it be ok?
Once an expired domain has been renewed, how long does it take for the domain to function again?
What are your Primary and Secondary name servers and Technical Contact info?
What factors could prevent or delay a registrar transfer?
What if I spelled the domain name wrong or want to change the domain name?

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