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FTP Tutorials - WS_FTP

FTP a software that is commonly used to transfer files from one computer to another. In this case you will be transferring files from your computer to the VIP PowerNet web server. This tutorial explains to you how to use WS_FTP software on Windows to upload files to your server. To follow this tutorial you will need to have your VIP PowerNet Member ID and password, a copy of WS_FTP installed on your computer and an internet connection.

Recommended Software: WS-FTP

1. Start the WS_FTP software. On the Session Properties page select the General tab and click 'New' to add a new FTP session.

2. Enter your FTP session properties as follows, then click 'OK'.

General Tab

Profile Name: Enter any name you wish to use to identify this FTP account.
Host Name: Enter your domain name ftp.yourdomain.com (substitute yourdomain.com with your domain)
Host Type: From the list choose "Automatic Detect"
User ID: Enter your VIP PowerNet Member ID
(case sensitive)
Password: Enter your VIP PowerNet Member password
(case sensitive)
Other: Under the Advanced Tab, make sure "Passive Transfers" option is checked.

3. Your Session Properties window will disappear and your WS-FTP main transfer window will be displayed. Your domain name will be shown on the title bar of the page and your Local System (your computer) will be shown on the left and the Remote Site (VIP PowerNet Server) will be shown on the right. Use the navigation icons to locate your website files on your Local System.

To upload files, select the file(s) you wish to transfer from your computer to the server on the Local System and click the right arrow in the middle of the screen. You may select multiple files to transfer by holding down your Ctrl key while you select files.

To download files, select the file(s) you wish to transfer from the server to your computer on the Remote Site and click the left arrow in the middle of the screen.

4. Your web pages, files and sub-folders should be placed inside the "/" (root) directory on the remote system. You can create sub-folders by clicking 'MkDir' to the right of your system menu. Your website initial page should be named index.php to display correct. All filenames and directories are case-sensitive.

* If changes are not visible after you have uploaded new content to your website, please try clearing your browser cache or temporary internet files and refresh the page.
If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our Technical Support.

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