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FTP Tutorials - Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 is a popular website composer tool that can help you create your website if you are not proficient in HTML coding and if you are looking to build a quality website without spending the time and money to hire a web developer.

With FrontPage, you can create and edit web pages, make hyperlinks, import graphics, design a feedback form, add navigation bars to pages in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and then publish your entire website with a simple click of your mouse. It even allows you to integrate active elements such as hit counters and guest books into your website without knowledge of programming.

Our service supports all versions of Microsoft FrontPage.

Recommended Software: Microsoft Front Page 2003

1. Start up your Microsoft FrontPage software and click on File then select New.

2. Select Blank page to start design your website.

3. Design your website. Remember to save all your web pages in the folder My Webs located at: C:\Documents and Settings\*user*\My Documents\My Webs

4. When you have completed designing your website, click on File, then select Open Site and then you will need to find and select the My Webs folder in your computer.

5. You will now see a Folder List to the left of your design window which will show all of the files in your My Webs folder.

6. Click on File, then select Publish Site. This will display the Remote Web Site Properties and select the FTP option. Enter the publish destination as: ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com (replace yourdomain.com with your own domain name). Then click OK.

7. You will then be prompted to enter the Name: and Password. Name is your VIP PowerNet MemberID and Password is your VIP PowerNet Password.

FrontPage will establish a connection to your server which will open the Publish Web window. Simply select files that you would like to publish then click Publish Web Site. Your website files will be published to the server.

* If changes are not visible after you have uploaded new content to your website, please try clearing your browser cache or temporary internet files and reload the page again.

If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our Technical Support.

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